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The Upside-down jellies are here!

$12 small, $18 medium, $22 large.

Mangrove exhibit with Cassiopeia, clownfish and flame scallop


Upside-down Jelly, Cassiopea

Upside-down Jelly, Cassiopeia xamachana

Fort Bragg Aquarium Desk Project

Three exhibits are in this 11 ft x 9 ft desk! Two 30 gallon systems (1 Freshwater Planted aquarium and 1 Saltwater Reef display) and a center 100 gallon Saltwater Fish Aquarium

It’s finished!  FBDesk_modified 


Desk Aquarium_mod

Nesting Clown fish in Desk Reef Exhibit

Clown fish nest_modified

Tube Anemone

Ft Bragg Tube Anemone_mod

Desk Freshwater Exhibit

FW Fort Bragg_modFW Fort Bragg3_mod
Call us to discuss setting up a jellyfish aquarium in your home or office.


We have newborn moon jellies in the lab! The ephyra are rapidly growing into the medusa phase. So cute!

  • baby moon jellies

    New born moon jellyfish!

  • We are currently installing 45 gallon jelly aquarium systems– call us for details


  •   Moon Jellyfish:  1″ (small) $25.00 each, 2″ (medium) $38.00 each, 3″ (large) $48.00 each, Please call for availability.


  • Baby Moon Jellies

    Baby Moon Jellies

  • We order beautiful Stendker discus! Stendker discus have a reputation for being very healthy (disease free), hardy, and easy to keep. With the right care they will grow big and bring years of enjoyment to you and your family.  We can provide larger sizes and different varieties.

Beautiful Discus

Turquoise Discus

Brilliant Turquoise Discus

Aquatic Creations Group, Inc. was awarded the maintenance contract for the 15,000 gallon aquarium exhibit at the new Bass Pro Shops in Cary, NC. This freshwater aquarium features 10 species of sport fishes that anglers dream of, all found in North Carolina. Among the inhabitants are: Double-Digit Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Longnose Gar,  Bowfin, Bigmouth Buffalo, Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Redfish, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, Crappie, and Walleye. We feed the fish Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week. The fish put on quite a feeding show!
Bass Pro shops has over 60 locations in the US and Canada which feature educational aquarium exhibits such as this one. Come by Bass Pro Shops and check it out!  Bass Pro Shops Location:
801 Bass Pro Lane
Cary, NC 27513

Bowfin at Bass Pro Shops Aquarium

Bass Pro Shops Longnose Gar

Bass Pro Shops Longnose Gar

Recent Installations 2017
90 Gallon Custom Saltwater Aquarium
215 Gallon Custom Saltwater Aquarium
140 Gallon Custom Turtle Habitat System
60 Gallon  Freshwater Cube
72 Gallon Bowfront African Cichlid Aquarium
90 Gallon Saltwater Reef Display
120 Gallon Custom Jellyfish Stretch pseudo-kreisel-  NC Museum of        Natural History
45 Gallon Moonjelly Exhibit
76 Gallon Half Circle Saltwater Aquarium
220 Gallon Custom Saltwater Reef Exhibit
180 Gallon Saltwater Reef Aquarium
So Many More to be installed!!